Charlottesville Continuing Pattern of Endangering Cyclists

Please remember, W. Main St. is the main bicycle route in Charlottesville.  It connects downtown and UVa.  Yet, cyclists who use it feel like they are habitually running a gauntlet with new and often more dangerous obstacles put in their path.

The latest?  A set of two huge highway warning marques telling motorists of a planned detour along W. Main.   Both of these signs are placed partially in the roadway and have traffic barrels around them which completely block the bicycle lane with no warning to cyclists or motorists that the bike lane is abruptly closed.  The placement of these signs is even more egretious because the are both just beyond an intersection which requires cyclists to merge into the motor travel lane while traversing busy intersections.


Eastbound W. Main just past JPA intersection


Westbound W. Main just past 11th St.

So just to be clear, we must endanger cyclists for days by probably illegal means to warn motorists that they may be mildly inconvenienced for a short time.

This situation is part of an ongoing systemic problem within the City government.  Through the years, City Council had affirmed that they want to make the streets of Charlottesville an inviting place to cyclists and pedestrians.  Yet, these dangerous conditions continue to proliferate around town and especially on W. Main St.

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