More evidence that bicycle infrastructure pays

Charlottesville has the opportunity to create a great bicycle trail network to connect all parts of the city and make good county to city connections.  This would bolster tourism and the local economy.  Yet, we continue to be dominated by short thinking decision makers.

From the article:

“One of those that has benefitted and been J’s Corner, owned by Jarrod Ellis. His business is located at 102 S. Lynn Ave., just 100 feet or so from the trail. In anticipation of the increased business the trail would bring, Ellis installed a large bike rack in his parking lot. It may be a long rack, but there have been days when the weather was beautiful and the bicycles have outnumbered spaces in the rack.

“‘It has been fantastic for us,’ Ellis said. While his business was prospering from the local clientele who frequent the restaurant, he said the trail has led to many new customers from Johnson City and elsewhere who would not have tried his eatery if it had not been for the trail.

“Elizabethton City Manager Jerome Kitchens said the trail has been good for the area. ‘By area, I mean the Johnson City-Elizabethton-Carter County area, it has identified us as a region.'”


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