Cville City Council Discusses W. Main Again

“Councilor Bob Fenwick said he is concerned that buses will stop in the travel lane under the new configuration.

‘When the bus stops, traffic stops,’ Fenwick said.

The plan also involves removing the slip lane that allows motorists to turn right from West Main onto Ridge-McIntire. That would allow for creation of a pocket park.

Fenwick said he did not know why the slip lane needed to be removed.”

“Councilor Dede Smith said she does not support eliminating a turn lane that allows eastbound motorists to turn left onto Fourth Street.

‘That’s going to hold up a lot of traffic,’ Smith said.”

Understandably, people just don’t get it. They have been sold a bill of goods that says that we must build, build, build our way out of problems. Most people still believe the best way to reduce vehicular traffic is to add more capacity (the dirty little secret in transportation planning is that actually increases traffic). After almost 100 years of following that model, we have more traffic than ever! Removing turning lanes, reducing motor vehicle travel lane widths, eliminating slip lanes and making buses stop in the travel lane WILL REDUCE TRAFFIC on W. Main. When motorists realize that the new W. Main is too congested for them, they will choose alternate routes. Case in point: Broadway in Manhattan.

W. Main must be redesigned at the person scale, not the motor vehicle scale.  Reducing vehicular volume and speeds are necessary to create a W. Main street a vibrant business street!

2 thoughts on “Cville City Council Discusses W. Main Again

  1. It is important for our City Councillors to start looking at people throughput, not motorcar throughput. Anything that holds up moving more people down the street in fact does “slow traffic.” But if it allows more people to move down the street safely (whether by bus, car, bike, or foot/wheelchair), then it does NOT slow traffic. How can we make this point clearly to our Councillors?

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