Bicycling is Part of the Public Transportation Network

Check out these two short new videos from Mobility Lab about the future of public transportation. Bicycling is a key part of the network, not some “alternative” mode of travel. In each video, I was struck by the comments of Arlington County Commuter Services Bureau Chief Chris Hamilton, which I have transcribed.

At 0:31: “The biggest thing that needs to happen in 2015 is cities building protected bikeways — actually building some sort of physical barrier between the bikeway and the parked cars or the moving traffic, so that somebody on a bike feels safe.”

At 1:19: “The only way this is going to happen is if mayors and city leaders actually get out in front — if they just don’t give their departments of transportation permission to start ripping up some parking, putting down bikeways, it isn’t going to happen.”

I can think of a mayor and city leaders who ought to take this to heart.

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