Bicycle Snow Plow

One of the arguments against separate bicycle facilities is the supposed inability to clear snow from them.  As if snow removal from bicycle lanes has really ever been a priority in most places in the U.S.  The Danes, on the other hand, know how to clear snow.  They have dedicated vehicles.  However, there is no need for a dedicated vehicle for clearing snow from bike lanes,  There are small vehicles like the John Deere Gator that can be fitted with snow plows or even snow blowers.

How about a sustainable solution, human power?  Bicycles can be used to clear snow.  Behold the bicycle snow plow:

Courtland Man Builds, Uses Bicycle That Plows

The Courtland man is Harry Bridger.  He does cool things with bikes.  Check out his shop’s Facebook page.

Is this a big stretch?  Hardly, the City of Charlottesville already uses bicycles for official business.

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