Millineals: Driving Less, Seeking Places to Live Where They Can Bike and Walk

The United States Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG) has conducted transportation research on young Americans.  They show that for the first time since its invention, usage of the automobile is down.  Why do we continue to plan and build around the car?  Why do we continue to ignore the most vulnerable road users?

From the report:

“Over the last decade—after 60-plus years of steady increases—the number of miles driven by the average American has been falling. Young Americans have experienced the greatest changes: driving less; taking transit, biking and walking more; and seeking out places to live in cities and walkable communities where driving is an option, not a necessity. Academic research, survey results and government data point to a multitude of factors at play in the recent decline in driving among young people: socioeconomic shifts, changes in consumer preferences, technological changes, efforts by state governments and colleges to limit youth driving, and more.”

Full report available here.

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