Bicycle and Pedestrian Survey Results: W. Main Street

From June to October 2013, the City of Charlottesville conducted an online survey to assess attitudes of citizens towards biking and walking in the City.  The survey asked on a range of topics including demographics, frequency of biking and walking for different trip types and knowledge of local bicycle/pedestrian resources.  The survey also included two free response questions for participants to provide details about their favorite and least favorite areas for biking and walking.  See responses after break.

Q10.  Where are your favorite places (e.g. streets, neighborhoods) to walk/bike in Charlottesville?

           * Main Street was mentioned 48 times in the 464 responses.

Sample responses:

  • “Going down main street to downtown has improved and is safer to ride than a couple of years ago.”
  • “Jefferson Park Ave, Emmet St/29, Main St, Preston Ave (all by nature of my most frequent destinations and their nice wide bike lanes)”
  • “anywhere there is a separated bike lane. Main street. Rugby, etc”
  • “Main Street where there are bike lanes”
  • “West Main is best place to ride because it is flat and there are bike lanes.”
  • “Commuter biking on Main Street and downtown”

Q12.  Where are your least favorite places (e.g. streets, intersections) to walk/bike in Charlottesville? How can they be improved? 

        * Main Street was mentioned 80+ times in the 462 responses.

Sample responses (with emphasis added):

  • “Main scares the bejesus out of me due to too much parking, too many pedestrians, etc…. I know it’s a pipe dream, but bike trails or lanes that are not right next to parked cars would be my ideal. I’m too afraid to ride on busy streets”
  • “West Main and Preston Ave are awful. They have bike lanes that are too close to traffic and really unpleasant streetscapes for walkers.”
  • “I find the intersection at Main Street and Ridge very challenging, since there are 2 left turn lanes heading eastbound, with one set to turn or go straight. Turning left here on a bike is very precarious.”
  • “West Main St.- Even though some of it has a bike lane, but is claustrophobic with buses crossing over when they pull in/out of their stops and it ends abruptly in places and leaves you hanging at the Ridge St. intersection – an alternate route to downtown would encourage bikers to go downtown much more!”
  • “The intersection of Main St and Ridge/McIntire is dangerous and confusing for cyclists, it should have green bike boxes and lanes painted in it”
  • “Main St. – most traveled bicycle street in the city. Needs separated bicycle facilities”
  • “W. Main Street at night is not desirable because of lack of street lighting.

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