So Who Actually Uses the Parking Spots on W. Main?

Well, sure customers of businesses along W. Main do use the public spots on the street.  However, many of those spots are used by business owners and employees.

For instance, here is a usual occurrence.

The Jeep belongs to Tobey from Tobey’s Pawnshop.  I see it almost every morning.  The van belongs to the owner of L’etoile. Since the restaurant is closed, he hasn’t been there much lately but the van was sighted regularly on my morning commute.

Recently, there was a move to keep the ABC store on W. Main from renewing its lease.  Some comments from the petitioin show who is using the spaces on W. Main.

Laura Wooten: I am a co-owner at a nearby restaurant [Orzo] and work evening shifts. I often park on the street in front of the nearby ABC store and continually notice the litter and safety issues related to the ABC store. I don’t want to feel afraid to walk to my car a few blocks from my place of business. I have witnessed numerous incidents of drunk in public on the sidewalks, both in the daylight and evening hours. This impacts our staff, customers, and neighbors in an unacceptable way. The ABC store in its current location does not contribute positively to the neighborhood and community of Main Street.

Amy Thomas: I work dinner shifts at Orzo, and have to park on the street near the ABC store. Everyday, I get harrassed by a group of people hanging out on the sidewalk. They also often come into orzo asking for a Togo cup of ice for their liquor, and then trash our bathrooms. Please move the store, so that it is not easy to loiter in front of it. Thank you.

So here we have an owner of Orzo admitting that she regularly parks on the street and an employee of Orzo saying she has to park on the street.  Hmm.

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